Twin Power: By Bikers for Bikers

It fits like it should.

When you hear the term "V-Twin," what do you think of? Do you think of the staccato rumble of a V-Twin custom motorcycle as it idles next to you at a stoplight? That rumble you can feel in your bones?

That’s what we think of.

The quintessential American V-Twin motorcycle has a distinctive sound and look that we love. For over 30 years, Twin Power has set itself as a leader in the aftermarket parts and accessories.

We were born by bikers for bikers. If we don’t sport our product on our own rides, we won’t sell it to you. And we know motorcycles. We race, we ride and we build our bikes. We hold records and share our experiences with one another in order to bring you the best quality product at an affordable price.

We keep your twins happy.

Twin Power: It fits like it should.



Twin Power History

Twin Power History